courage institute

Educate. Empower.

Courage Institute

We believe in empowering and educating the Next Generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. We promote the global exchange of knowledge, creation of friendships and establishment of business collaborations across any border to facilitate positive future impact and prosperity.

Our global gatherings, online modules, exclusive courses and private events combine great experiences with cutting-edge knowledge and bring amazing people together. For this, we have built a unique global network of business family members, thought leaders & domain experts, entrepreneurs & investors, and industry relationships, complemented by exclusive access to uniquely beautiful and inspiring venues & communities.

Since our foundation over 10 years ago, our belief in empowering and educating the Next Generation has helped us educate more than 4,000 talented individuals from over 30 countries, creating a “tribe” of friends and supporters around the idea of “Courage” and the Courage Group of Companies, including the Courage Institute, Courage Center and Courage Partners.